YES. Sustainability along the textile chain.

The textile chain, with its various process steps and process aids, can begin with, for example,…

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YES. The Technicians’ Conference drives us forward.

What are the others up to? If you always focus only on your own projects and products, you quickly…

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YES. We speak the same language.

They say English helps you get ahead everywhere. But that isn’t entirely true. In some parts of the…

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Dr. Gerhard Brändle on a business trip
YES. Personal connections around the globe.

Even if they are not possible at the moment due to the pandemic: business trips are an essential…

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Dr. Gerhard Brändle in his work environment
YES. I want to work here.

Bored with your job? Gerhard Brändle’s glad he isn’t – check out his story to learn how he’s grown…

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Textile analysis during laboratory request
YES. Everyday work that never gets boring.

Everyday work – sounds like a bunch of repetitive tasks that eventually become boring. Well, not at…

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YES. The new shift model.

A new shift model with advantages? YES, we can. Kevin Grigoleit tells us more about his experience.

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YES. Our benefits.

Benefits that go above and beyond the industry standard? YES, we can. Kevin Grigoleit tells us more…

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