YES! It’s really that easy – applying at CHT

Whether you’re applying to a posted position or want to submit an unsolicited application to CHT Group, we’re looking forward to receiving your application – we’re excited to hear about your expertise, your passion and your big ideas. Become part of the team and help us drive change together!

Your path to a new job

Upon receiving your application via regular mail or online, we’ll reach out to you in short order - we promise. If your application piques our interest, we’d love to invite you to a personal interview and, who knows, maybe soon you’ll be part of our team here at CHT.

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FAQs about applying at CHT

What’s the application process like?
Where can I find the right contact person?
Should I list a salary expectation in my application?
Should I apply online or via regular mail?
Do the same conditions and requirements apply internationally?
How can I submit an internal application at CHT?
What information do I definitely need to include in my application?
How will my personal information be processed and stored?
What is the employee turnover rate at CHT?
Where can I find current job postings at the CHT Group?

There for you with all your questions!

We are pleased that you are interested in working for CHT. Do you have any questions about our application process? Please contact us personally, we will be happy to answer your questions!

Jacob Baumgärtner
Jacob Baumgärtner
Head of HR CHT Germany
+49 7071 154 265