Say YES to new professional challenges at CHT

We shape chemistry – and stand for the positive change it unleashes. Working at the CHT Group means being part of that change, driving innovation and offering our customers solutions that ensure their success. Success that’s technically and socially sustainable. Become part of our worldwide team and say YES to new professional challenges.

Changing for the better - that’s what we stand for. We want to drive change and have a lasting positive impact on technology, people and the environment. Join us and be part of the change.

Success Stories

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YES. Working as a chemical technician at CHT

Working as a chemical technician at CHT also means being part of a large team. There’s no ‘I’ in…

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From PET bottles to coronavirus protection

Can old PET bottles serve as raw materials for new products? By supporting PET recycling, CHT not…

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YES. Partnerships with scientific organisations

Maintaining relationships with scientific organisations and institutes is an important part of what…

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All Success Stories
Portrait Sophia Hennige
Sophia Hennige
"YES. I make jeans more environmentally friendly."
Technical Service Manager
in the Application Field Jeans & Garment
Portrait Dr. Kerstin Mitzka
Dr. Kerstin Mitzka
"YES. I find sustainable solutions."
Team Leader Research & Development Silicones,
PhD. in chemistry
Portrait Dr. Gerhard Brändle
Dr. Gerhard Brändle
"YES. I ensure comfort in everyday life."
Head of Application Lab Fibre Auxiliaries,
PhD. in chemistry
Portrait Kevin Grigoleit
Kevin Grigoleit
"YES. I work hard to get big things done."
Production Supervisor,
Food Technology Specialist
Sebastian Laux
Sebastian Laux
"YES. I am making a lasting impact on the future."
Global Business Development Engineer
Recycling Solutions department
Kai Kobras
Kai Kobras
"YES. I ensure safety across the board."
Chemical technician and acting foreman
in Production/Textile Auxiliaries
member of the plant fire brigade