YES. Our benefits.

I love working at CHT. My job’s opened up a lot of career possibilities for me so far. One thing I really appreciate at CHT are the additional services and benefits offered to employees.

CHT JobRad bike program

Since I’ve been working for the company I’ve been the proud owner of an e-bike, which I financed through CHT’s JobRad program. The company even pays for the insurance premium. That’s something I truly appreciate. The cost of insuring an e-bike is quite high, so I’m really grateful to be receiving the subsidy.

A cheaper commute

I have to travel about 26 km each way on my commute. Doing it with my JobRad e-bike is easy and doesn’t cost me anything extra. The company makes it really easy to charge our e-bike batteries here at work, too. That’s new for me and I don’t take it for granted. I was only familiar with standard benefits before I started working here, so I really love this particular benefit.

Interesting benefits, like the JobRad e-bike program, are what make CHT an attractive employer in my view. The whole package is such a good fit I can’t imagine wanting to work anywhere else.

Portrait Kevin Grigoleit
Kevin Grigoleit
Supervisor Production, Food Technologist
“YES. I work hard to make big things happen.”