Kevin Grigoleit

Mastering exciting tasks, taking on responsibility and feeling team spirit at work—that’s important for me in a job. At CHT I’ve found it all. I really appreciate that we’re always growing and managing more and more—one big team that gets big things done together!


What are your responsibilities at CHT?

As a foreman in our production line and stand-in shift foreman, I’m where employees and team leads intersect. I delegate tasks to employees and take care of things like vacation planning and managing any problems that might pop up in one of the departments. I also stand in as a shift foreman whenever the normal shift foreman is unavailable.

Portrait of Kevin Grigoleit
Kevin Grigoleit
Supervisor Production, Food Technologist
“YES. I work hard to get big things done.”

What keeps you motivated at CHT?

I can sense that my colleagues are happy when they show up to their shifts. That’s just a really great feeling. CHT also offers a lot of benefits for employees and the pay is good, too. I actually do really enjoy showing up for work every day.

What expectations did you have before you started working for CHT—and did CHT live up to them?

I expected that I’d have a good perspective in terms of my career in working for a chemicals company as the industry just keeps growing. I also really didn’t want to be bored at work because dealing with complex tasks at work is what defines everyday life. CHT lived up to all of my expectations. I was able to take a chance to further my career and get positive feedback from my position as a foreman. I’ve achieved just what I was hoping to!

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