YES. Working as a chemical technician at CHT – interesting and varied.

You’ll never be bored working as a chemical technician here. The huge portfolio means that the work is very varied and interesting. You might be combining all sorts of chemicals in a mixing tank or initiating complex polymerisation in a reaction tank, because we support processes from start to finish. We work on initial and experimental production runs with the Development team and optimise production processes with the Process Assurance unit.

The role of a chemical technician

Production is not a chemical technician’s only job, however. During this process, you will monitor product quality by conducting chemical and physical analyses to safeguard quality from start to finish.

Once each product meets all the requirements, it is transferred into containers and can then be stored and delivered to the client.

Part of a very friendly team

We don’t always go our separate ways when we clock off. We often go for a drink, play billiards, have a barbecue or do something else together after work. As a chemical technician at CHT, you’re not just an employee – you’re also part of a very friendly team.

Kai Kobras
Kai Kobras
Chemical technician and acting foreman in Production/Textile Auxiliaries, member of the plant fire brigade
„YES. I ensure safety across the board.“