YES. Being part of the plant fire brigade at CHT.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being part of the fire brigade. Even so, people doing this for the first time as adults find it more difficult than those who had been part of the youth fire brigade. That is why I decided to start off by trying out the fire protection group. As of 1 January 2022, this group was upgraded to the status of the plant’s official fire brigade.

My fellow team members – who are also fellow employees here at the plant – have made a tremendous effort to teach me and other new members of the team about the ‘firefighting trade’. It is an excellent example of our company’s ‘ONE Winning Team’ philosophy in action.

ONE Winning Team – working together across departmental boundaries

A great thing about our team is the chance it gives us to get to know our work colleagues better, people with whom we might have had little or no contact in the plant otherwise. It has allowed us to create a team feeling across department boundaries.

When the coronavirus restrictions began to be slowly rolled back in 2021, three of my colleagues and I wasted no time in successfully completing the basic training to become a firefighter and respiratory equipment carrier. I have to say that I am very grateful to CHT for the opportunity to complete firefighter trainer. Among other things, this has made it possible for me to be a part of the Rottenburg Volunteer Fire Brigade since the start of 2022, allowing me to utilise the experience I gain with each for the other.

Spray away! There is a lot to be proud of with the CHT plant fire brigade

There is a lot to be proud of with the CHT plant fire brigade: for example, we’ve got a brand new fire station that will be opening up in mid-2022, new fire engines like the LUF 60 and the TSF-W, and – most importantly – a great team!

The CHT’s firefighting support vehicle (‘Löschunterstützungsfahrzeug’ or LUF) is something quite special here in our area, as the Tübingen Fire Brigade and the Metzingen Fire Brigade are the only other organisations in the vicinity who also have one of these firefighting robots. Thanks to its high-performance fan, the LUF can generate wind speeds of as high as 165 km/h, making it ideal for ventilating halls or tunnels. This power can also be put to another use: cooling fires by forcing water through more than 360 nozzles of the fire extinguisher. The LUF is able to extinguish fires from a distance of up to 60 metres and is capable of pumping as much as 2,400 litres of water a minute – the equivalent of twelve full bathtubs.

Kai Kobras
Kai Kobras
Chemical technician and acting foreman in Production/Textile Auxiliaries, member of the plant fire brigade
„YES. I ensure safety across the board.“