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Everyone's been confronted with the question: "What exactly does the company you work for do?“ Sometimes that's a really easy question to answer. And sometimes illustrative examples work best to explain it. I could answer that I work at CHT in a corporate group of companies that operates worldwide with a focus on specialty chemicals as function providers, auxiliaries and additives for industrial processes. But in order to vividly explain, out of a manifold of examples, where fibre auxiliaries are needed, I like to use the example of the baby diaper.

Products that meet the highest demands

Everyone’s familiar with baby diapers – and parents in particular understand and appreciate the advantages of modern baby diapers. Diapers are everyday items, yes, but at the same time they’re actually highly complex products. There are more than 1,000 patents worldwide focusing on diapers with the goal to continuously improve them. For a diaper to function the way we expect it to, you need, among other things, a suitable product from CHT – what we refer to as a permanent hydrophilic spin finish.

Safe, sound and secure

With this kind of CHT product, what would otherwise be a water-repellent nonwoven is transformed into a water-absorbing nonwoven. A nonwoven of like this can be in direct contact to the baby's skin and is referred to as a topsheet. The hydrophilic topsheet guarantees a rapid transport of liquid into the absorbent core, where the liquid is immobilized by a super-absorber. So, we assure that the baby's skin is kept dry and the baby stays happy. With our DURON product range for baby diapers we ensure that babies and their parents feel safe and secure.

Enrich everyday life

Our products not only ensure greater comfort and dryness in baby diapers, but also in feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products, for example. Knowing you're making the everyday life of millions of consumers better every day with our innovative product developments at CHT is a great feeling – and it drives us forward again and again as a dedicated team.

Portrait Dr. Gerhard Brändle
Dr. Gerhard Brändle
Head of Application Lab Fibre Auxiliaries, PhD in chemistry
“YES. I ensure comfort in everyday life.”